When the size of an over-the-ear or on-the-ear headphone cannot be accommodated, an in-ear design is the perfect alternative. Adidas knows all about the conditions in a gym, or on the track, while Monster has spent the last 35 years perfecting sound through Pure Monster Sound® Technology. Every detail has been addressed, from the shoe lace style material on the lower section – a natural development when one of the partners actually makes shoes – to sweat-proof, with anti-microbial eartips. adidas is one of the oldest and largest sports companies in the world, while Monster brings high performance audio to the classic lifestyle of adidas Originals. Its patented SportClip means that the adidas InEar headphone stays in your ear. The superior noise isolation allows the wearer to focus. The unparalleled comfort remains that way all day. And then there’s the sound, with incredibly tight, deep bass, speed to match the attack of the notes, authenticity in the vocals. The adidas InEar turns a workout into a concert.

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