Mo-Fi introduces a completely new headphone design delivering unprecedented sound quality that connects you with your music at a more intimate level. The patent-pending multi-jointed headband—inspired by the smooth and controlled suspension of Formula One racecars—provides total comfort and a personalized fit. This design keeps the earcups parallel at all times, creating the best seal for solid bass response and sound isolation. The pivoting armature turns all points of adjustment into dampened rotational movements—eliminating the shake and rattle common to most headphones—and provides a natural “kickstand” so Mo-Fi can rest elegantly on a table. The tension adjustment dial—inspired by compound archery bows—lets you dial in the perfect pressure and cut out unwanted external noise. Mo-Fi is also the first headphone designed around a built-in audiophile amplifier perfectly matched to precision drivers for a mind-blowing listening experience. For Mo-Fi’s design, form follows function, creating a very different look from other headphones as a necessity of higher performance. With Mo-Fi, Blue reimagined the fundamentals of headphone design to create a better listening experience.

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