IN-VOICE IVOC-100 will always delivers your musical attitude and taste.
We desire to revive the essence of the headphones.
With the terrific soundstage with our new IR tuning technology, boutique materials, and premium craftsmanship, we rebuild all the details just for you.
For the most sophisticated experience,we apply the unique impulse response referring technology to adjust our sound,getting a more balanced,transparent,articulated tone,suitable for most music styles and instruments response,delivering a harmonized, crystal clear sounding state.
Our housing shape design is inspired by water drops, built with the progressive ergonomic conception, to ensure the most excellent wearing and noise-isolation experience, especially when you listen music for a long time continually.
The refined leather twin side head stock, is connected by the smart self-adjustable arms to the aluminum fantastic ultra-curve out-shell. Through the custom hi-definition dynamic sound unit with plated titanium, the signal flows through the purified OFC cable and one-button remote control, directly to your ears. We’ve got 4 carefully selected colors for your choice.
Simple, purified, and dedication.

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