The minimalistic metal look of the AM13 earphones infuses technology with fashion. The comfortable, ergonomic design of the earphones includes an innovative feature that allows the user to switch between normal and bass modes by twisting the rubber sleeve. The composite diaphragm allows for a broader acoustic field and bandwidth, and the optimized sound chamber design and added inner sound chambers effectively reduce sound distortion from vibration.

Each earphone features an asymmetric design, splicing together geometric shapes for a sleek, futuristic look. The earphones diverge from conventional design by breaking up the cylindrical body and using an innovatively-designed cable output. There is a striking contrast between the sandblasted metal finish of the cylindrical casing, the vertical brushed-steel look of the trim, and the circular grooves on the back face. The elliptical shape of the cable controls allows for easy operation by touch alone and is designed to fit snugly in the user’s hand. Screws fastening the earphones at the base and painstaking attention to detail ensure that the earphones are solid and reliable to withstand daily wear.

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