The light headphones AKG K550 by Harman will win you over with their sound clarity. Comfortable to wear and featuring sophisticated sound technology, they guarantee a top-class listening experience. The closed-back headphones provide insulation from bothersome background noise and are ideally suited for listening to music, even outside of your own four walls. Red Dot 21 presents this product, which won a Red Dot: Best of the Best.

Headphones AKG K550: light and comfortable to wear

This award-winning product weights just 305 g. The ultra-light headphones are comfortable to wear for hours of continuous listening. The large and generously padded earcups provide adequate comfort. The headband is sturdy, can be flexibly adjusted and adapts comfortably to the shape of your head. The 2D-axis folding flat mechanism makes them easy to transport and to store. The integrated brushed metal and the soft artificial leather covering gives the earphones an elegant look.

Convincing sound quality from AKG

The headphones AKG K550 provide you with the convincing sound quality you have come to expect from AKG. Several test reports have confirmed their good noise insulation, full-sounding bass and warm, expansive mids as well as detailed trebles and good connection. This is thanks to the integrated converters with a sensitivity in the range of 114 decibels.
To get a feel for how loud the output can be, here’s a comparison: music at a club or a symphony concert reaches 110 decibels, while a chainsaw, a pneumatic drill or a bolt of thunder produces 120 decibels. The latter sound level is already unpleasant to the human ear. Good that the K550 stops just short of that, while not leaving us hungry for a louder sound. If you want, you can turn up the volume and still enjoy the music, thanks to the clarity of the sound quality. The three-dimensional sound provides a similar tonality to open-back speakers and ensures a pure disco feeling. The frequency bands from 12 to 28,000 Hertz are covered, and the 32-ohm headphones can take as much as 200 milliwatts.

A high-level listening experience

The gold-covered 6.3 mm converter on the AKG headphones is a joy to behold. In addition, there is also an environmental bonus, as the more than three-metre long cable provides room to move and is made from oxygen-free copper.

The headphones AKG K550 are ideally suited for at home or on the go, but can they win over professionals irrespective of their trendy appearance and sound qualities? Yes, they can. Particularly because of the sophisticated insulation and the integrated passive noise isolation, the headphones are well suited to studio recordings – provided the producer already has music in his blood.

Product features

  • Powerful headphones for at home or on the go
  • 2D-axis folding flat mechanism for easy transportation and storage
  • Closed-back design with 50 mm driver for outstanding sound quality
  • Large earcups and new headband design for a perfect fit
  • Delivery scope: headphones, adapter (3.5 to 6.3 mm screw-on)
  • Size: 14 x 24 x 25 cm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
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