Knowing that health and wellness are the main concerns of our urban clients, we wanted to design a pair of earbuds that enhance the exercise experience while listening to music, to make it more fun and free of wires.

First of all, Gogo earphones are totally wireless. Even though the 2 earbuds are separated, they work as one pair. Each earbud only weighs 10g. Earbud tips are made of pliable silicon, which provides the user with a secure and comfortable wearing experience.

Gogo earphones come with 4GB internal memory storage which is equivalent to about 1,000 songs so you don’t need to carry your phone to your workout. Gogo earphones allow people to operate them by touching and sliding.

Furthermore, with our accurate algorithm and data analysis, Gogo can record your exercise performances such as heart rate and steps, and provide real time feedback via the earbuds. The Gogo App lets you make exercise plans, record results and communicate with friends.

Gogo earphones are designed with natural curves, bright colors and waterproof, giving them a premium sporty impression. They also come with a rechargeable storage box. They are fully charged and ready for use in just 40 minutes.

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