The Finder X1 is a premium designer earphone built for sound quality, style and durability. The Finder X1 features premium materials throughout its construction, including titanium housings, PEEK diaphragms, oxygen-free silver-plated cabling, gold-plated connectors, and a unique “snap-together” assembly design that eliminates the use of glue on the outer housing and makes the earphone entirely hypoallergenic. The Finder X1’s housings are made from solid titanium, milled by the world’s most advanced and precise CNC metal machining process. This gives them the strength to withstand unusual abuse, while remaining light and comfortable. The diaphragms used in the Finder X1 are made from PEEK, or polyether ether ketone. This high-tensile polymer, traditionally used in automotive applications, is known for its durability, allowing the Finder’s diaphragms to be abnormally thin and responsive, thereby imbuing them with an exceptionally detailed and transparent sound normally only found in balanced armature-based professional in-ear monitors.

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