DT-10 is a powerful product with unique appearance. The innovative three-section metal body makes the product looks refined and unique. At the same time, earphone cavity is divided into two parts, cleverly equipped with three-cell design. The front chamber is equipped with balanced armature unit, and a coaxial double moving coil unit is placed in the middle chamber. It takes full advantage of the natural advantages of appearance and achieves high-quality sound through a professional audio team and passes the certification of Japan Hi-res Agency. One-half CD pattern design on the back of the headset are full of mystery to collocate with plastic parts. It has an overall black design, gold metal ring embellishment, overall sense of science and technology and strong sense of professionalism.
Meantime, DT-10 adopts interchangeable line design and MMCX gold-plated terminal, and provides with a MIC and a OFC silver plated wires for option, which is suitable for different people and occasions and is full of fun. Oblique in-ear design, suitable for ear canal, comfortable and stable. The design of silicone ear hooks enhances the stability of movement.

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