DT-05 design is able to seize the user’s eyes immediately. The unique design of the outer contour is collated with a bright surface. A big and a small gold metal cover are well placed. The two materials embellish each other and highlight each other, with unique visual effects.
DT-05’s unique outer contour is actually designed according to the shape of the ear. When the DT-05 is worn on the ear, you will find its contour can well match with the ear. It is not only stable, but also can give consumers unique visual experience.
DT-05 adopts 8mm + 6mm unit design. Small speakers focus on high-sound band while large speakers focus on mid- and low-sound band through tuning to achieve high-sound operation of bands.
DT-05 is a cochlear ear hook design. Professional instant rebound hook can be well fixed without excess load, which greatly reduces stethoscope effect. In addition, DT-05 adopts translucent twist line design, with details everywhere.

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