The CL1 Ceramic is RHA’s first headphone to use two transducers. Custom engineered to complement one another, a unique ceramic plate transducer uses the piezoelectric effect, combining silver, zirconium and zinc plates to reproduce treble and harmonic frequencies, while the CL Dynamic transducer uses an experimental, PEEK-treated diaphragm for bass and mid tones. With a driver dedicated to each part of the audible spectrum, the CL1 reproduces audio with precision and purity.
The CL1 housings are constructed from ZrO2 ceramic, selected for its low acoustic resonance and durability. To meet the challenge of working with zirconium dioxide, the housings are constructed using a seven-step injection moulding process to achieve a contoured shape and optimal acoustic chamber. The ergonomic form of the CL1 is designed to sit naturally in the ear, secured by patent-pending, mouldable over-ear hooks for comfortable, immersive listening.
The CL1’s detachable cables use a refinement on the conventional MMCX design, which can degrade contact surfaces and transmission efficiency over time. RHA’s sMMCX standard uses a special locking tooth to prevent rotation, preserving connectors’ longevity.

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