The BTH-830 is a premium detachable integrated innovative headphone system, including the headphones, Bluetooth receiver, and transmitter. It is capable of taking different listening needs into account, pairing in use freely, and allowing you to connect and integrate audio systems for home and car use easily.

When connecting the exclusively designed detachable Bluetooth receiver with home or car audio, the traditional audio equipment will be upgraded to Bluetooth audio immediately, everyone can share the music stored in their mobile phone with friends and family. In addition, when connecting the Bluetooth transmitter with TV and watching TV or a movie with BTH-830 headphone in the middle of the night, it is not necessary to worry about bothering family members.

A 40mm mini driver is equipped inside the headphone with semi-open earmuffs, using the openings to adjust the external pressure to allow deeper and more powerful bass performance without the need for a special large size diaphragm in order to have rich and full bass performance. The unique open totem design of earmuffs to interpret the low profile and calmly stable modern yuppie charm.

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