As a sport type of Bluetooth headphone,the stability and comfortable of wearing is very important, the part which hook the ear back,the internal structure is soft metal wire,the external structure is the silica gel,these structure can adjust the shape and size to fit for user’s ear outline.The principal part adopt the capsule shape,to achieve the circular battery maximize space utilization,allow headphone with small and light weight design.The curve surface of the capsule’s both ends avoid products bruise ear and closely,and when headphone fall or scratch,metal case is a good way to protect the headphone.The other end using PC material and scratch-resistant UV surface painting,it also contributes to antenna with good signal.There are two kind of ear buds:music type can bring perfect music effects noise when doing outdoor environment,it allows user to hear the surrounding noise when doing outdoor activities,this will reduce the possibility of danger. The control part of the headphone use two-color injection molding process,the soft surface with a good sense of touch.

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