Aivvy’s IoT (Internet of Things) smart, elegant headphones are bundled seamlessly with a personalized radio service into a single, premium, and easy-to-use wearable. Aivvy customers can begin listening to music immediately “out of the box.” And, because music is cached on the headphones rather than streamed, customers can enjoy music wherever they go, without their smartphone and without requiring an Internet connection. Caching also extends battery life significantly, resulting in 30 to 40 hours of listening enjoyment on a single charge. Simple touch gestures on the outside of the ear cups allow for unlimited skipping and for customers to “like” their favorite songs in order to automatically create customized music channels using advanced machine learning and collaborative filtering software. New music selected for the customer is then delivered from the Aivvy Cloud directly and automatically to the headphones while they charge. A dial on one side of the headset moves customers between different channels while the other side controls audio volume.

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