V-MODA spearheaded an industrial revolution with the world’s first 3D printed personalized wearable technology. V-MODA’s custom 3D printed shields come in a variety of materials including lightweight fiber, stainless steel, gold plated, raw & precious metals. Inspired & sculpted in V-MODA’s design studio in Milano, the 3D shields are made in the USA. The 3D printed shields are compatible with the hundreds of thousands of V-MODA Crossfade series & XS headphones already in use. V-MODA is ushering in the next industrial revolution of A.M. (additive manufacturing) to the people gifting a pair of 3D printed fiber shields for every headphones bought at V-MODA.com. V-MODA custom shields give your headphones a unique signature by a variety of colors, designs & laser engraving of your own artwork. Whether you are a DJ looking to endorse yourself, a gamer flashing your badge or want to stand out from carbon copy plastic headphones, V-MODA’s 3D headphones are available in infinite options at every price point.

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