1.Hyperbolic shape memory material with titanium steel outside and soft silica gel inside; the titanium steel offers solid structure to reduce the chance of accidently breaking and increase using life; at the same time the soft silica gel keeps friendly wearing. 2.We are using 4D rotatable muffs leads to 4-direction rotation and fit your ear position perfectly, combined with aluminum piston slide button embedded into a durable stainless steel slide runner to make wearing fit more convenient. 3.We found out many users are really care about the bass sound. Therefore, we designed three selectable bass levels that can be chosen by users according to their preference. 4. We also designed an intelligent control key. It allows users self-defined its fuction, such as starting social network App, camera, so that users could get to what they want quickly. 5. We also add a hearing protection feature that is set to protect users’ hearing by automatically reducing the high volume which is harmful to users’ hearing. 6. Streamline design and traditional blue or Ferrari red make you feel fast and furious features of music.

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