Waves NX technology – Waves NX tracks your smallest head movements with precision to enhance the 3D audio experience. Deliver vivid experience on the headphones.
7.1 surround sound – Powered by Dolby technology delivers a detailed sound field that let you hear your enemies before they see you.
Low frequency vibration Speaker – 50mm diameter of graphene diaphram driver is used to deliver low distortion, high sensitivity and high sound velocity. Combining with mega bass, a spring is configured between the magnetic system and the housing, when the low frequency is below 30Hz, the magnetic system will vibrate to make users really feel they are on the scene.
Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) – Effectively reduce noise up to 20 dB. It greatly enhances the play experience while play team up games in any noisy environment.
Hidden microphone design- Microphone is hidden behind the light tube , avoiding the problems caused by the traditional microphone that is in front of the user.
Wearing comfort- The whole headphone is designed as lightweight as possible to provide comfort for long time use.
Customize – Users can choose from different modes and colors for the LED lighting.

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