Dual Driver – Patented dual driver structure that includes a balanced armature driver and a dynamic driver to ensure more details and balance sound stages.
BPM (Beats Per Minute) Music – BPM Music, which calculates the rhythm of your activity and automaticaly searches and selects songs that match user’s activity level to improve the efficiency of workout.
Internal storage – It has built-in 4G storage that can store music which being listened by users. Users don’t have to carry their phones with them when active or exercising.
Users’ Training and safety – Using PPG photoplethysmography chip that detects effectively for fat burning training and heart rate range. This smart chip will send out warning when it reaches the upper limit to ensure effective training and safety of sports.
Voice Coach – With voice coach, it will like having a personal trainer with you when you want advice specific to your needs and the measurements.
Materials–Shape memory alloys inside the rubber ear hook to ensure its durability and flexibility. Ear tips with many sizes are made by liquid silicone to maximize the song quality and increase comfortability.

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