Dual Driver-Patented dual driver structure design featuring a balanced armature and a Graphene diaphragm driver that provides superb quality in all ranges of sounds.
Automatic Noise Canceling Technology (ANC) -Revolutionary comprehensive ANC technology not only focuses on reducing airplane noise, but also much wider range of noises including in outdoor activities, work environments and etc.
Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) -MEMS microphone technology that gets rid of the outside noises which providing user crystal clear voice communication.
Auto pause and start – Music will be paused while both end of the ear buds snapped together by magnet, and be played back when released.
Pass through technology – With just a push on the pass through button. It allows users to receive outside noises and listen to the music at the same time. Ensure daily actives more convenient and safer.
Aluminum body – It’s extremely lightweight and durable. Surfaces are fingerprint resistant.
Easy to Store – Wire is designed to come out from the side so it’s shorter when hinging in front of chest. Also we design the neckband to be soft to increase the comfort and easy to store in the pocket.

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