Read, feel, marvel: tolino vision ist the new, ultra-flat tolino e-reader – light as a feather, it is the perfect travel companion. With space for up to 2,000 e-books, an extra-long battery service life and free choice of e-book shops, its users enjoy the maximum freedom. The perfect reading experience is brought by the razor-sharp typefaces with the newest E-Ink technology – and thanks to the front light also in the dark.
Intuitive, fast, comfortable: Adjust the font size, turn pages or search content – all functions are just a tap on the touchscreen away. The intuitive and friendly user interface design was specifically adjusted to the target group of upper best agers and reacts even faster due to the strong processor.
Handy, flat, visionary: Only as broad as a biro and with a compact 6’’ display, tolino vision has the right feel to the hand. The soft shaping and the high-end finishing with the soft-touch-effect additionally emphasize the premium quality of the device.

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