The reader was created with passion and commitment of a master bookbinder. The aim was to create a novelty for relatively new source of texts.
The body gives positive impression due to its ergonomics, elegant stylization and materials pleasant in touch. The back surface was designed as an open book. We obtained a part well-fitted to human hand giving fingers delicate places of support. The back surfaces lower themselves to the edge making the cover thinner and optically lighter. Side navigation buttons appear from bevelled upper surface in the most convenient place. The body slightly rounded at the corners is finished with a delicate curve below. The button “return” is placed just above the lower edge. It excludes its accidental use in such position. The button “power” is placed in the upper corner of the back from the same reason. The body designed in such way gives the pleasure of holding it.
The body of the device gives positive impressions. It is distinguishable which allows creating new brand image in the future. In the same time it is handy and does not divert reader’s attention from the most important thing – the joy of reading in every possible place and time.

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