Vivalert is offering a unique solution that provides an innovative and effective answer for delivering voice alerts directly to those who may be affected by a disaster. VivAlert uses the digital terrestrial network to deliver precise alerts, including the nature of the danger and safety instructions. VivAlert is a compact, cutting-edge device that is extremely easy to install and use, playing voice alerts in case of imminent danger. The alerts are fully customized, multi-lingual support and different messaging according to the situation. The design is both iconic and minimalist. It includes an integral handle that creates visual and practical dominant element and invites the user to touch and trust. The shape is simple and clean on one hand but friendly and warm on the other hand. It was extremely important to keep all those characteristics when it’s a device that can save your life, but used as an everyday radio on regular bases. Vivalert was designed like a compact modern megaphone. It has a screen and integral touch buttons. The buttons are engraved and when touched gently will give the feedback of light blue LED light. It can be placed with screen or handle facing up.

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