VISION One System is endowed with a pure and beautiful sound quality, allowing you to experience a wonderful HI-FI sound experience in different scenarios. With its built-in Hi-Res certified decoder chip Modular Host, it can seamlessly connect to a Headset or a Desktop Speaker, as well as a stand-alone headphone with a 3.5 mm interface. In addition, a decoder is adopted to make it compatible with multiple output platforms.

In its appearance design, the body of the Hi-Res-certified Modular Host is an oblate ellipsoid similar to the UFO shape. A hidden light is located in the lower part, giving it a sense of lightness, elegance and science fiction. The Headset is simple in its geometric shape, adopts a clever folding design and is comfortable to wear and easy to carry; the decoding Host is magnetically mounted to the Headset, and easily removed.

VISION One Headset is also lightweight and foldable, combining excellent design with exceptional sound. In addition, it has a simple geometric shape with an arc curve, giving it a sense of elegance and luxury. This headset is suitable for use outdoors, at home, at the gym and so on, and is easily integrated into your life.

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