More and more people these days are choosing to forgo personal computers, relying instead on smartphones for the features they need in their daily lives. But right now, without a computer there’s still just no way to listen to the CDs you have at home on your phone. We thought that a great solution to that problem would be to create a digital device that can transfer the music from your CDs directly to your smartphone, with no need to bring a computer into the mix. T Air was created with the concept of “simple and easily understood design” to make it easy for anyone to use. The conceptual design is a mere 16mm thick, and since T Air can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi there’s no need to worry about the distance between them. On the inside, the device contains a high-performance drive that can extract lossless audio from a CD in only 7 minutes, while on the outside it features an anti-slip rubber coating.

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