Sound ART-WORKS A Home-Audio experience to connect you with more than Sound. The best HIFI technology plus timeless Art blends emotional beauty into an Amplifier, DAC & Speakers crafting the finest sound system for a new HOME-AUDIO experience that you love to listen, to see and touch. Keep this boat alive Inspired by abandoned fishing boats made of wood found on the Thai coast, our inspiration came along with the idea of giving these precious materials a new chance by designing objects with their own narrative, telling story of where they come from and where they will go. Silhouettes of a Boat Its form is a homage to the origin of materials and simplicity of use. Crafted to perfection Old growth teak enriches the beauty and authentic character of the collection. Wood is warm and inviting, looking and feeling more comfortable with age and object that improves with time. Chinese porcelain is high-fired for low-vibration and high-quality sound reproduction. Bringing the band at home Bring the stage at your place, adding realistic ambiance, depth, atmosphere and spatial resolution, to connect with pleasure of listening and bringing the band at home.

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