Straightforward “Music speaks for itself as long as we give it a chance,”American violonist Yehudi Menuhin once said. The “soulution 540” SACD/CD player offers users an intensive listening experience which redefines the possibilities of digital music reproduction. It features a housing that is both elegant and pleasing to the touch, and which integrates consistently into the design signature of the soulution product family. The technology of this player merges the important criteria of precision and neutrality with a very high resolution for outstanding listening pleasure. The player is equipped with a high-specification CD drive developed by manufacturer Teac/Esoteric. It thus ensures excellent data integrity, controlled by an ultra-precise clock generator. For the D/A conversion, the 540 translates all information into 24-bit format with a sampling rate of 384 kilohertz. Here, Anagram’s polynomial algorithm is employed to ensure high-precision results. The CD player converts SACD signals into the PCM format, with the D/A conversion to 24-bit being provided by PCM 1792 chips by manufacturer Burr Brown. In addition, the 540 features two separate power supplies built into the housing: one for the analogue signal processing and one modern switching power supply for the digital sections. The player features all digital inputs and outputs that are common today, complemented by a USB connection that can handle audio signals from a computer at up to 24-bit / 96 kilohertz.

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