Merging high precision Modern integrated amplifiers today, from a technical point of view, are often power amplifiers with an added potentiometer for a passive volume control. The “soulution 530” integrated amplifier merges a high-class preamp with a current-capable power amp section in one unit and lends it a new language of form. The integrated amplifier is very powerful, delivering up to 45 ampere. The design of the soulution 530 thus redefines integrated amplifiers by following a novel approach. Its timeless, elegant and minimalist appearance matches almost any interior: the housing is made of aluminium and features a form that is reduced to the bare essential. The technology inside this housing offers users a listening experience of a broad frequency range and high intensity. The entire signal processing has been designed for the soulution 530 in a consistent dual-mono layout for highest possible channel separation – with the power amp sections on separate PC boards. In addition, the soulution 530 features an outstandingly broadband voltage amplifier, complemented by a newly developed switch-mode power supply that ensures outstanding stability – disturbing interference, not uncommon in these kinds of devices, is effectively filtered and barely measurable far beyond the listening range. The soulution 530 thus presents itself as an integrated amplifier of convincing audio performance.

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