SOtM sMS-200 is a high end network audio player capable to play streaming music or music files on local home network and internet. This compact and classy sized product is designed to fit any place at home or work, especially on a desk or small places will be ideal. The exterior of the product consists of the body completed with aluminum extrusion process and the milled front and back aluminum panels, the whole exterior is fully furnished with classy sand blasting and anodizing process. The heat sink structure on both sides of the body and the cooling holes on the front and rear panels to dissipate heat are designed to benefit of both technical and assembly sides besides the superior design aspects. Also, the gently slanting both edges on the corner of the front panel along with the outlines of the body impress the diverse look and the different product outline depending on viewing angle. The operating status is showing by light shines through the small slit on the front panel and the versatile connectors are on the back panel. Such all configuration can match with your current audio system and sMS-200 can be controlled by your smart device in the most convenient way.

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