ShareBeat is trendy that comes with 5 different colors, light with just 38g weight and small which just fits your palm size. Once it connects with the speaker with the 3.5mm Aux cable, it can turns all the speakers to be Wifi-enabled, so users now can play the music from their mobile wirelessly. Thanks to the WiFi technology, it has a better sound quality and longer transmission range than Bluetooth and NFC, which is the best for music lovers. You can use ShareBeat to play music at the party , in the car and at home wirelessly. With internal 900mAh battery, it allows Sharebeat to play music up to 3 hrs which is surely enough for a movie and whole music album. ShareBeat also has Wifi repeater function that can connect your home WiFi to it, so now you can airplay your music while connect to the Internet at the same time.

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