The world of high-fidelity amplifiers is marked by the continuous search for perfect sound. Designed by the company Sennheiser in the 1980s, the electrostatic headphones system “Orpheus” has achieved a legendary status in this respect. It came as a unit of headphone and tube amplifier and thus opened up a new worlds of sound. The Sennheiser HDVD 800 (digital) and HDVA 600 (analogue) is an innovative high-end headphone amplifier system designed to build upon the sound reproduction quality of that device. The unit connects to analogue audio sources and features a fully symmetrical typology that effectively eliminates hum and distortion. This headphone amplifier produces a highly balanced sound image and offers impressive precision and spatiality. Precision is also projected through its purist design as well as the choice of materials: both the housing and the volume potentiometer and source select knobs are made of anodised aluminium. Complementing this level of quality, the front panel of the housing and the controls are milled carefully from solid material. The controls of this headphone amplifier fascinate users with their logical and intuitive arrangement. Spread across the front of the housing, they are pleasing to the touch and offer a high level of user conve- nience. This high-end, solid-state headphone amplifier delivers an extraordinary acoustic performance and audiophile experience – in perfect harmony with its design.

Harmony of shape and sound

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