Radiooo is a sub-brand owned by MAO KING radio. The design concept is the anti-mainstream, and the classical IP elements are extracted with infinite customization. The product is equipped with standardized bladder, exterior fittings and functional accessories can be disassembled and installed independently. All the knobs can be replaced freely. Consumers can replace the internal urchins in the radio according to their favorite color and tone color, and can even select their own antenna, MAO key (wi-fi module) and other functional accessories to meet the aesthetic needs of different groups. We designed the polaroid rainbow machine in the 70 s as IP element customized radio, extracted the rainbow machine characteristic elements, abstraction, as the main identification characteristics, giving people with cheerful, familiar with the warmth of feeling. In addition to the characteristic appearance design, on the content, Radiooo also configured the sole channel “MAO”, all users open the knob, can 24 hours of uninterrupted listening to all the world’s counterculture exclusive content of official channels, to create a unique experience for the user.

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