FiiO Q5 is a flagship Bluetooth and DSD-Capable DAC and Amplifier.
It continues to use the innovative interchangeable amp module design used by other models in FiiO’s lineup and is fully compatible with any FiiO amp modules released thus far. The interchangeable amp module design significantly increases the Q5’s flexibility.
It is a multifunctional DAC and Amplifier. It supports connecting to devices such as PC, smartphone, or even TV, as well as using as a wireless Bluetooth audio device. The great feature of Q5 is the innovative interchangeable amp module design which allows the user to purchase different amp modules for different power needs of different headphones or even for different sound signatures.
With variety of ports, buttons, switches and indicator light for multiple functions, it’s a challenge to make proper layout combining practicability with style. The volume knob on the side takes full advantage of the front and rear lines of Q5.
What’s more, you can quickly identify what input is being used to Q5 by simply taking a glance at the RGB lights near the bottom of the device.

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