Source Volume Control
Today, almost all the high-end home audio portfolios are still confined by tradition. Innovation and change do not lie in being peculiar but in better data and signal transmission, more favorable playback quality, and more environmentally friendly sound combination architecture. The technologies to be used include over 32-bit calculus for digital volume control, 32-bit full digital S/PDIF(Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) audio transmission, minimalist playback system architecture, and ASRC(Audio Sample Rate Converters) digital streaming data recovery.
If the above idea can be realized, a sound system can no longer rely on variable resistance to control volume. Thus, signal grounding no longer needs to be connected so as to dramatically reduce crosstalk and the repeatedly attenuation and amplification of analog signals and lower distortion.
If this idea is recognized, it will contribute to the construction and popularity of active speakers in the future, so that DSP(Digital Signal Processing) can substantially optimize amplifier and speaker. Thus, we can enjoy better sound quality that never be heard, meanwhile reducing the dependence on audio equipment

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