All you need is just a simple AV set-up.
Pyramid uses several combination elements, such as illumination art, geometric aesthetics, ancient civilizations, architecture engineering, and beautiful music to decode the key to your soul.
Concept & Brand Mission
1.Return to The Music – “get back to the heart of what listening is all about”
By Pyramid, even the smallest tone or heart-pumping one is crystal clear regardless of whether it’s hidden within classical, modern, Eastern or Western music
2.Music in Art – “find melody in the contours of Pyramid, beauty in the sound of Pyramid”
The three vacuum tubes are located inside the pyramid not only for the safety reason, but also like opera singers on stage performing for you.
Pyramid is designed to integrate the tenants of mystery power, semilogy, cryptology, and fengshui together, shown as equilateral triangle, crystal and light representing the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The adjustable LED light of the Pyramid can be used independently as a lamp
3.Less is More
Pyramid is highly-efficient amplifier run perfectly with speakers (sensitivity> 90db), and requires less than 50 watts of power to provide crystal clear sound

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