Pop is a revolutionary style of digital radio ‘designed for the listener’. The range is designed to reinvent radio and is based on insights from extensive research with radio listeners. Its key design elements are derived from a study into how people want to use and interact with their radios. The result is a trio of products, Pop Mini, Pop Midi and Pop Maxi from £59.99 to £99.99, with instant access and ease of use at the forefront of its design, while delivering high quality audio.
Key features include:
Instant access to radio content through large button on top of the radio allowing users to turn on their radio at the ‘pop’ of a button. The radio will automatically revert to the previous station and volume.
Strong support for Bluetooth across the range giving customers dual functionality and access to wireless streaming.
Small footprint and great sound quality via a compact and stylish vertical design.
Large, clear clock and scrolling text are on display at all times.
Flexible battery solution –eco-friendly ‘fit and forget’ rechargeable ChargePAK or alkaline rechargeable batteries.
Engineered and designed in UK and Digital Radio tick approved meaning the range is future-ready

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