The QP1R/QP1 is a high-resolution portable music player (DAP), employing the perfect sound aesthetics coupled with the most advanced engineering technique, targeted to both audiophiles and music lovers. The elegant industrial design, the capability of supporting DSD128&24/192kHz PCM files, the architecture of pure class A, discrete transistors and components, the built-in headphone amplifier, and the Questyle’s patented “Current Mode Amplification” technology, make the QP1R/QP1 masterpieces of portable DAPs. The Arc body of the Questyle QP1R is so elegant. A machined aluminum body is merged with a Gorilla glass front and back, reducing weight while increasing durability and providing a better environment for EMI sensitive circuits. The innovative continuous whole surface design, the hollow guard, the curved glass machining, the assembly of superimposed surfaces of glass and aluminum composite materials, the CNC machining and assembly to a severe test of specification, all of which are combine to make a beautiful and stylish enclosure.

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