An entirely new type of hi-fi component, the D 7050 streams music services and Internet radio, plays iTunes with Apple AirPlay, connects with any digital music source, and offers Bluetooth connectivity. It also adds power to drive any high quality speaker. The D 7050 is an Audio Hub for networked music, and speakers can be chosen based on preference and suitability for the architectural space. A custom iOS App fully controls the D 7050.

The D 7050’s physical design language conveys its sophisticated and highly technical function, while its elegant vertical form factor expresses its wireless connection to the cloud. Designed for either horizontal or vertical positioning, its display panel automatically reorients. In unison with the precision performance, materials were chosen to function both visually and tactilely. Soft touch surfaces and natural rubber touch points give the D 7050 a warm and inviting personality. The polished lens awakens with a light touch to reveal an OLED display. The D 7050 is a visual departure from traditional hi-fi products, but special effort was made to keep some NAD design cues seen in the volume/input knobs, colour, and simplicity of interface.

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