LINKAGE. A lifestyle music device for you to enjoy an ultimate-resolution true sound, 24bit 192khz, anytime anywhere in your daily life. Singer’s breath between the words and delicate tremble of instruments will not be missing.

‘Modern Edge’ design outstands itself from a simple rectangular shape. The classic pattern encased with refined color variation is good to be a sleek combination of premium interior accessories.

Motif from concept of ‘Noah’s Ark’, every detail was taken into account: rectilinear shape and matted-wooden texture following the original Noah’s way of construction, LED touch panel on the top resembling the top of the Ark which was opened for lighting.

The motif of ‘Noah’s Ark’ speaks for the brand mission of LINKAGE on human. Music is a medium to link the relation and share the emotion. Nowadays music, mainly from headset or earset, leaves one isolated from another. For more vivid listening experience, you can “LINK IN” up to 10 speakers for an orchestra play. Should you have a song to share with your friend far away, you can make an invitation with “LINK UP” and now you are linked.

Link the emotions. LINKAGE

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