The first truly portable array system CURV 500® combines mobility, sound perfection and user-friendliness in a unique way. The mid/high speaker unit can be equipped with up to four modular, curved arranged array satellites. The result is an extremely clear, three-dimensional sound. The system can also be configured for a wide variety of applications: from solo party appearances at a party to a sound suited to smaller halls. With the SMARTLINK® adapter up to four satellites can be plugged into each other effortlessly via a click mechanism. An individual 12 x 12 cm array satellite with high quality aluminum casing is capable of achieving optimum results. This is guaranteed by the WaveAhead® technology specially developed by LD Systems. The subwoofer serves as a control unit for the entire system and is a classic subwoofer and a digital mixer at the same time. Instruments, microphones, and laptops can be connected to this 4-channel mixer. The integrated Bluetooth® technology makes it easy to transfer data wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet.

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