KWCW-M2 portable blue-tooth speaker is an innovative combination of China Intangible Cultural Heritage hand-made embroidery and consumer electronic products. It aims to make more people concern of traditional arts&crafts through functional products, so as to better develop and inherit the treasure of human civilization.
With simple and complete shape, white border and handle of the speaker can be used in different scenarios. “Magpie on a Willow Branch”implicates the luckiness in Chinese traditional culture, hand-made embroidery like a picture enlightening our daily life. The sound of turning on&off captures the voice of bird’s singing brings the user surprising experiences. 5W magnetic speaker with a reasonable sound chamber design could make the audio range be controlled between 80HZ-20KHZ. No matter it is wireless connection to mobile devices or TF card inserted version, KWCW-M2 could bring you amazing enjoyment of music.

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