Homie is a home server for everyone. He offers the full comfort of the cloud while making sure that the owners retain sovereignty of their data. In the living room, it transforms into a multimedia center that decorates with its unique wooden case.

As a private cloud, he stores all data from family members as well as clubs, associations and small enterprises. All data is accessible at all times from every internet connection. Information can be easily shared with others. Download-links, group libraries and team calendars are standard features, but far from all. Homie “gets along” with any smart device – Mac, Windows, Android or iPhone.

Attached to a TV-set, Homie becomes a gaming console and versatile multimedia player. Over 1.000 games from all genres are available for download and playable with a gamepad or other gaming equipment. Homie plays music and videos straight from the internet as well as the users own content that can be easily uploaded to Homie with a mobile app.

At request, Homie is installed in the customers’ home network by the manufacturer. This way, the IT just works from Day 1 and the customers are taken by the hand when they introduce him into their home.

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