AURALiC’s GEMINI series Headphone Dock debuts a brand new, ultra high quality Audio Product Category, combining a full-format decoding computer, a balanced Class-A headphone amplifier, an integrated SDXC card reader and attractive music and headphone storage in a compact, foot-high chassis, created by a noted Swedish design firm, that resembles an abstract sculpture of a human head. The sculpted upper portion is made of precisely milled wood in a mirror-like finish of five coats of hand-polished lacquer available in Black, White, Red, Yellow or Blue. Its organic form-as-function contours are ideal for headphone storage and include two metal knobs for securely winding headphone cables. The lower portion is a heavy brass disc that houses a variety of connections and dissipates heat better than the lighter-weight aluminium more typically used for audio components. The base comes in three finishes — Gold, Chrome and Titanium Gray — offering consumers with 15 custom finish options and making the GEMINI an attractive addition to any interior, be it living room, library, bedroom, office, yacht or private jet.

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