The BLOCK integrated tube amplifier is G LAB Design Fidelity answer to an audio product which successfully combines sublime 21st century design and pristine High Fidelity sound. It is a link between two worlds – the world of passionate audio advocates and the world of design enthusiasts. BLOCK was designed by a young, creative and versatile designer Mateusz Glowka, Academy of Fine Arts graduate. He, just like a whole new generation of music enthusiasts, rediscovered tube amplifiers, but wanted something more – individualism, simplicity, and design perfection in a modern package. His concept for this amplifier came from a need to redesign a proven 20th century product into an outstanding 21st century gem. Mr Marian Kopecki who constructed the electronics managed to achieve great quality of sound using the simplest of tools, disregarding anything that is non-essential. Even the brightest ideas could not have been finalized without ELZAB – a company with over 40 years of tradition in development of mechanics and electronics. An experienced team of specialists brought BLOCK to life and hand-built every piece.

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