“Focus on Brick” is an acoustics made by craftsmen, combined with pristine beauty and modern acoustics, link the past and the modern. Use of the characteristics of bricks, It can be isolated from moisture and cold, heat, high temperature, prevent fire, with persistence and pressure resistance, and stored for a long time. It is a warm color, athletic texture, just like the needs of modern acoustics. In general, the material of acoustics should have good density, So that there is a strong vibration suppression capability. Meanwhile, sheet should moisture-proof, not easily deformed, uniform structure, good toughness, moderate strength, smooth surface, etc. It’s very suitable for brick as an acoustics. “Focus on Brick” it means to concentrate, listen to sounds of heart. We hope that through the rustic brick acoustics, to hear the most heart touching voice. Design Features: 1. Combined with natural rustic and modern aesthetic. 2. The Characteristics of brick is suit for acoustics. 3. Gradually disappear of brick, being integrated into our daily necessities. 4. Activation of traditional crafts, modify manufacturing process, making it become commercial product.

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