The FLUX-Hifi SONIC is an ergonomically well-formed cleaning apparatus for all vinyl fans who want to improve the sound of their analog music. Regular use of your valuable stylus keeps it optimally cleaned and maintained. Innovative generated vibrations act 3-dimensional and clean your stylus efficiently, with very small amplitude, very gently, within only 10 seconds – unique in the market. The elegant matt black plastic surface and the soft switching on / off pressure switch is very haptic in hand, through the touchable marking at the rear end of the device, the SONIC can be precisely positioned on the turntable. The vibrating brush unit is illuminated by an integrated LED lighting and this makes the exact positioning of the stylus possible. The bottom is partly covered by especially designed anti slip pads that omit the precise latching battery compartment cover and the MADE IN GERMANY and CE marking blank. In the magnetically closed box, designed in green-white-black, the SONIC is on black velvet – also with design matching batteries and cleaning fluid.

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