Talentronics Earphone is designed by uniquely proprietary audio technology named HAPA (Human Attachment of Phonological Awareness).

HAPA is a human-centered & groundbreaking innovation of overwhelming adversed designing concept comparing to existing audio products. The HAPA design is world’s the unprecedented “algorithm” development from ergonomics (ear cannel & structure) with proprietary Tri-Core Damping Restoration, parameterized chamber & Bi-Canal design as a whole where to achieve superb audio performance.

Advantages & Spotlights:
1. HAPA technology can’t be pirated.
2. Spec advantage: The uniquely Tri-Damping Core enhanced on,
a. Right / Left Balance: The only company to spec in R/L
balance where to enhance high level of audio performance & surround
b. Average Sound Pressure Level: The first company employs average
sound pressure level onto official specification instead of others.
3. Breakthrough to reaching high threshold on featuring bass enhancement &
4. Exceptional performance perspectives: noise cancellation, subtle details,
articulation, vigorous punch, splitting sound, mix sound, surrounding

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