The Ericsson Radio System – Macro Radio sets a new standard in the telecom industry. A top quality system, transmitting and receiving radio and data traffic, optimizes accessibility and usability by its ergonomic design and intuitive interfaces. Smaller, lighter and more energy efficient units deliver enhanced performance. The innovative design supports all phases of usage: installation, operation and hot swap service. Installing in high positions, either in a mast or on a roof, is time saving and effortlessly performed by one bolt installation on the rail, facilitated by the robust handle. In a reality where footprint and volume is crucial and a withdrawn appearance is a must, the unit’s non-intrusive form gives a sober look and feel, yet robust and out-door fitted. Every unit in the system has a uniform look and several mounting alternatives, making the system both modular and flexible. On a market where industrial design has been neglected, each characteristic of this product has been ergonomically and esthetically designed. The result is a product exterior that radiates the interior’s world-class quality and dramatically strengthens the brand identity.

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