30W + 30W (8 ohm) high-quality Hi-Fi Class D Amplifier. Enter the smart phones and digital audio players of the sound source, can play without leaving the charm of high-resolution sound source. The vibration reduction by monocoque high-rigidity body out made of aluminum CNC machined. The amplifier board is firmly fixed, the mechanical vibration is not easily transmitted to the substrate structure. The heat dissipation of ClassD amplifier LSI it will do by the radiation rod which is arranged on the back side of the upper parts. Heat dissipation rod diameter 15 mm, is made of aluminum length 40 mm. While cooling the heat is allowed to transfer, and heat dissipation from the heat sink of the top plate. In the heat radiation of this structure, it becomes possible to exhibit a stable amplified output performance. L / R was completely symmetrical circuit design, it has become easier to smoothly amplifies the input signal to the substrate.

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