D80 Concept
The D80 amplifier represents the next generation of high power
four channel Class D amplifiers. It is developed and manufactured
by d&b using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to incorporate
loudspeaker specific configurations and user definable setups,
equalization and delay functions. The amplifier is designed to fully
drive all d&b loudspeakers and provide comprehensive
management and protection capabilities. This high performance
amplifier provides the power density required for both touring and
installation purposes while the powerful signal processing extends
the level of functionality of the on-board features.
The user interface of the amplifier consists of two elements: a color
TFT touch screen providing visual information and quick access to
the amplifier settings and a rotary encoder on the front panel for
data input purposes. To allow ease of operation when the amplifier
is below eye level, the front panel and the integrated display are
tilted upwards. As a result, the front panels of multiple amplifiers on
top of each other within a rack integrate to form one large control

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