CV/CVAO(CLIPVoICe): Art and technology merge in a stylish accessory/recorder a one-touch wireless recorder that can be worn as jewelry. It is an acessory for voice record and message stored in CLIPVoICe, with playback voice data anytime by one finger action (noneed to take out smartphone.) If CLIPVoICe is connected dedicated iOS App CLIP,you can send voice data to your family and friends .and The current consept model of the device can record up to 90 minutes’ of messages for collect [gather]news, Article. Design Inspired by the geometric arrangement of rocks in one of the gardens of Kyoto’s Ryoan-ji Temple, the recorder’s surgical steel exterior is shaped like a multifaceted stone. the system can upload and tag recordings with a user ID and GPS information. As Tanaka explains, these tags could allow the CLIP VoICe to link specific voice data to a variety of locations, which could then be played back to other users of the app when they come to those spots.

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