AK T1 is the ALL-IN-ONE SOUND SYSTEM first introduced by Astell&Kern. The design elements include three in large, and all of them are intended to deliver the sound to the extreme clearly. An independent enclosure unit is necessary to avoid a collision between different frequencies in the independent structure divided into both sides. AK T1 individualized the unit taking charge of each frequency and exposed the form as it is to minimize the unnecessary volume and area. It requires a fully divided length from side to side in order to feel the original 3D perception of space and the depth of sound. The width from side to side is minimized to fit in the actual living space, while the form is designed for a simple but extremely elaborate sound with the quality sound intact. The speaker needs to have the least vibration unnecessary while having a sense of weight to feel the natural and clear sound. A metal enclosure is used to control the vibration that arises from the inside/outside of the speaker, which provides a flat and natural sound. It is another masterpiece of Astell&Kern that can convey the small breath of the artist and the sensation on the stage to the listener.

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